What is National Interest Waiver(NIW)?


National Interest Waiver

If you are holding a Master Degree or higher and consider yourself to be contributory to the development of U.S national interest by virtue of your expertise and can prove it, you may petition yourself for Lawful Permanent Resident on your own!
Do you know you can obtain your Green Card by yourself?
You don’t need any sponsorship for your green card application if you have;
  • master degree or higher in the U.S, Korea, China or somewhere else; and,
  • achievements distinguishing yourself from other peer colleagues in your field.
This is called “National Interest Waiver”. Since the law has changed in December, 2017 through the US court decision; matter of Dhanasa, more and more people are obtaining their Green Card through this self-petition which opens wider than ever before. They preferred NIW to EB1 because of the lower caliber of NIW.
We have successfully represented many scholars, post-doctoral researchers, engineers, doctors, even music composers and chefs with outstanding achievements across the country for their Green Card Application through National Interest Waiver for over 15 years. Now it is your time to consider this for you and your family. Send us your CV for free evaluation to the email below.